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The most important thing as a food blogger is that people actually read & use the recipes that we develop & publish, one of the ways we try to reach out is by asking you our dear readers to share our recipes on your social networks.

We are super pleased to now offer a share button on all our recipes to Yummly,  our favourite recipe one stop resource, if you haven't already visited Yummly  then you are missing a trick, it is a great format for delivering recipes, you can filter all the recipes to meet your dietary preferences and specific allergies if you have any. There are some great food writers and bloggers that are adding to their vast recipe resource every day.

And as Vegan Being will be contributing on a regular basis with our very own delicious vegan offerings, you can follow us on  yummly on our very own vegan being publisher page

Or better still create your own account and save vegan being recipes to your own personal recipes box where you can access not just our  great recipes but millions of others as well.


EFFA Vegan Fair & Bake Sale Exeter

Saturday morning 10.30 and I have to say we had been looking forward to this event, vegan events are few and far between, so every opportunity to meet like minded people and try different recipes  and trade ideas is always a thrill. We are off to the Palace Gate centre to the culmination of EFFA's Go Vegan campaign 2015

The Cafe served up delicious breakfast burgers and a great selection of food including sushi & pizza. The bake stall had lots of cakes,scones, tarts etc great to see so many people donating goods.

We met some really nice people, joined the Vegan Lifestyle Association and bought some fantastic truffles from Chocolicious and I have to say they are the some of the best truffles I have ever tasted my favourite was the cookie one. My husband went for the rum and coconut. Sadly they don't have an online presence yet but they will be doing pop up chocolate shops at local events. If you see them I urge you to try their lovely chocolates.

Other stalls present were Bake eat Love which sell fantastic cupcakes,Lush with their lovely vegan bath goodies,Mims Emporium with a selection of their vegan groceries,they are based in Newton Abbot if you are down that way. Ravens Court Apothecary Soaps and Fragrances had a stall with some lovely smelling toiletries. Check out all their websites below.

All in all a lovely morning out can't wait for the next one.

the vegan chocoholic

The Vegan Chocoholic

"My name is Jackie and I am a vegan chocoholic"

I quite often get asked and see others asking on social media about vegan chocolate.Its a good question and very easy to answer there are lots. When I first became vegan over 30 years ago we pretty much just had carob bars.  Lately there have been lots of new brands coming on to the market and the favourites at this moment seem to be the Vego Bar, Ombar and also lots of small artisan makers who are bringing delicious vegan chocolate to the market place.There is so much in fact that I now have a cupboard especially for my addiction.

But what seems to be forgotten are the many makers of just good old fashioned plain chocolate, and I don't mean Bournville etc. although there is nothing wrong with these in fact Bournville was my go to treat when I was growing up as I always preferred dark chocolate .

I have noticed lately though that some of the bigger brands and supermarkets have started to add butter oil to plain chocolate which is rather annoying. I guess it makes the product cheaper to produce but they are cutting out a large section of the public not only vegans but people with a milk intolerance too. I urge you to write to these company's and ask them why and if they would consider removing it.

I quite often shop at the online store

You can filter for vegan and at the moment they have 3 pages of chocolate which are suitable. Really good high quality chocolate very often from small fairtrade manufacturers. I the guys there to be very helpful, really fast at shipping orders,mine have usually been received with in 2/3 days.They also have a loyalty point scheme so if you buy lots they soon mount up to a free bar or two !!


royal opera house vegan afternoon tea

Royal Opera House Vegan Afternoon Tea

Find yourself in London with an afternoon to spare and i would guess a fairly healthy wallet then why not go for afternoon tea at the royal opera house. It is a gorgeous building and from the picture it look like a beautiful  room to spend an afternoon in.

Details are of course available from the royal Opera House

Sandwiches and freshly baked scones, with homemade seasonal fruit jams made from the finest ingredients, are on the menu. Add a wide range of loose leaf teas, tisanes, tea-themed cocktails and Champagne from Ruinart and you’ll see why we think Tea at the Royal Opera House is going to be a real treat. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options are also available.

Milk free easter egg

Milk Free Chocolate Easter Egg Recall

I had one of these bought from me for mothers day and I was really surprised at how lovely it is. I usually only eat 70% cocoa chocolate but thought I would give this a try. If you expect this to taste like milk chocolate you will be disappointed as it still has a high amount of cocoa in it . It has a milder creamy flavour but still packs a cocoa punch.It is great to see a large chocolate producer catering specifically for Vegans and I applaud them for this. I hope to see more products coming in the future.

This morning however I received the e mail below warning of cross contamination which was omitted from the packaging, however this is not a problem as we are used to this warning on many vegan products. It is only a problem for those allergic and intolerant to milk products. Hotel Chocolate will be repackaging with the appropriate warnings and hopefully it will be back in the stores soon.

Quote from Hotel Chcolat

We would like to provide you with more information about our Milk-Free Milk products.

We have made this to be suitable for those with a dairy intolerance or making a lifestyle choice, as no milk is added to the recipe, however our factory environment does use dairy products and there is always a risk of traces of dairy, making this product unsuitable for anyone with a specific dairy allergy.

We make every effort to manufacture dairy and non-dairy products separately, with robust and extensive cleaning and control measures in place. However there is still a risk of traces of dairy. We are currently unable to declare any of our products as completely dairy free, although it is something we are currently reviewing.

Milk Free Milk is an exciting new taste for everyone who wants to avoid dairy in their diet, swapping milk for almond powder. However it is not suitable for those with an allergy to dairy, due to the risk of small traces.

In the general excitement over this brand new product, we want to make sure this point of clarity is not overlooked.

Best wishes for a great Easter. If you have any further need of information on this subject, please email us at

Kind regards,

Debbie Hodgetts

Channel Manager

Hotel Chocolat