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EFFA Vegan Fair & Bake Sale Exeter

Saturday morning 10.30 and I have to say we had been looking forward to this event, vegan events are few and far between, so every opportunity to meet like minded people and try different recipes  and trade ideas is always a thrill. We are off to the Palace Gate centre to the culmination of EFFA's Go Vegan campaign 2015

The Cafe served up delicious breakfast burgers and a great selection of food including sushi & pizza. The bake stall had lots of cakes,scones, tarts etc great to see so many people donating goods.

We met some really nice people, joined the Vegan Lifestyle Association and bought some fantastic truffles from Chocolicious and I have to say they are the some of the best truffles I have ever tasted my favourite was the cookie one. My husband went for the rum and coconut. Sadly they don't have an online presence yet but they will be doing pop up chocolate shops at local events. If you see them I urge you to try their lovely chocolates.

Other stalls present were Bake eat Love which sell fantastic cupcakes,Lush with their lovely vegan bath goodies,Mims Emporium with a selection of their vegan groceries,they are based in Newton Abbot if you are down that way. Ravens Court Apothecary Soaps and Fragrances had a stall with some lovely smelling toiletries. Check out all their websites below.

All in all a lovely morning out can't wait for the next one.

soyatoo vegan whipped cream

Soyatoo! Vegan Whipped Cream

I have been looking for a good vegan whipped cream alternative for a long time and last year on a visit to  Vegfest in Bristol I came across the coconut version of Soyatoo whip this was exciting stuff, at last devonshire cream teas are back on the menu.

I was advised to put it in the fridge before opening it if i wanted a thicker cream, I went home and promptly did just that. Of course once opened it needs to be kept in the fridge and used within 4 or 5 days.

Firstly I just used it on the side of a dessert in a quenelle and it was amazing it held its shape and tasted fantastic. Then I set about experimenting with the vegan whipped cream in other ways. First in a vegan Victoria sandwich which was a great success. In fact where ever you need a thick cream Soyatoo whip is a great one to go for. I only use it in sweet recipes as i don't think it is right for savoury dishes, I would be interested to hear from anyone that has used it in savoury recipes.

Once I ran out I tried to get more here in the UK with no luck, eventually i tracked it down and had to order from Germany but as the shipping was costly i asked my local independent whole foods store "Seasons" to buy some which he duly did and it has been a great seller for them.

They also ordered the soya version  which is just as nice if not better, it has actually become my favourite version. There is also a Rice version which I am hoping he will get next order.

The coconut one has quite a strong coconut taste whilst the soya one has a much milder flavour so I try and pair the right cream to the right recipe.

For example i found the Soya is perfect for vegan trifle and the coconut one is perfect with my  cranberry scones. Makes a fantastic special occasion cream tea in the garden now that spring is here. Luckily now you can get it in the UK from

or if you are in Devon give Seasons a visit in Well Street Exeter.