Sharing is Caring Yum Our Recipes with Yummly


Sharing is Caring Yum Our Recipes with Yummly

The most important thing as a food blogger is that people actually read & use the recipes that we develop & publish, one of the ways we try to reach out is by asking you our dear readers to share our recipes on your social networks.

We are super pleased to now offer a share button on all our recipes to Yummly,  our favourite recipe one stop resource, if you haven't already visited Yummly  then you are missing a trick, it is a great format for delivering recipes, you can filter all the recipes to meet your dietary preferences and specific allergies if you have any. There are some great food writers and bloggers that are adding to their vast recipe resource every day.

And as Vegan Being will be contributing on a regular basis with our very own delicious vegan offerings, you can follow us on  yummly on our very own vegan being publisher page

Or better still create your own account and save vegan being recipes to your own personal recipes box where you can access not just our  great recipes but millions of others as well.

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